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Garuda Angkor Services: is a leading local tour operator offering great services and good value for money products.
           This creation is in order to providing Tourist Guides Services with many languages speaking by their general knowledge of Languages, History, Culture, Traditional, Religion, Nature indication, Philosophy and for many year personal experiential intelligences to all guides licensed by Ministry of Tourism then improved by Apsara Authority Education and many important agencies just with the requests or commends from clients.

Garuda Angkor Services: is a company for all official tourist guides basing in Siem Reap Angkor Cambodia. It has tendency on Culture, Science, Humanity and Tourist Guides Services.

We made up of a team of travel professionals and we really well selected our guides are open-minded, qualified and enthusiast young people who can accommodate your travel needs and provide you-the traveler with on-hand knowledge of local history and culture. They are also curious about foreign culture and are keen to engage in cultural exchange with visitors. They are there to make your trip success and to provide the most personal and efficient service to all our customers.

Garuda Angkor Services: providing excellent services with a very reasonable price and ideally at your disposal for a consultation of trip, program, or our suggested itinerary and tour package. We are happily waiting for guiding you to anywhere you choose such as: Tourism for Nature, Tourism for Daily Life or Tourism for Culture.....

We will show you every corner about the bas-reliefs on the walls of all the temples in Angkor Complexes. Beside temples, we also will show you the social, the people's daily lives around the ruins and the floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake by give you real experiences to all interesting activities of the local people and their cultures. To experience your trip to the Amazing UNESCO World Heritage of Angkor. We will provide you a guide who will tell you about everything you wish to know and about what the Angkor life was like in the ancient time.

At Garuda Angkor Services we commit to provide fine quality of service in any aspect of our products.

We will help you to arrange all services for your trip to Angkor and all over Cambodia, such as all types of transportation, all foreign and native languages speaking tourist guides, Hotels reservation and other services as inquiry.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us at the address below, when you have a further plan to visit our Seven Wonder of the World Angkor Wat and Sight-seeing surround Siem Reap area, We would strongly recommend Garuda Angkor Services to you, your friends, business associates and families.. We are waiting to serve the services and assist you at anytime.

The guide books in your hand, that’s not suffice to indicate during your trip in our country, except our tour guides-living dictionaries who are certainly able to explain what, where, why or how to realize your visits.
For any problem or info, please you feel free to contact us at the address below or you could find our above proposed itinerary Menu:



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